Hints And Tips When Buying a Caravan

If you are a regular traveller and the person at the caravan hiring shop knows you by your first name, it is time to consider buying a caravan. It is a commitment that will save money in the long term. Before deciding on the type of caravan, consider the same things you would when buying a car.

Ask yourself how often you will travel and the type of journeys that will be ventured upon. Will it be a long haul or a stop-start adventure that will go off road and up mountains? The type of caravan will differ according to these needs and the wheels and shocks will also take more of a beating the more adventurous the terrain. The caravan should also be compatible with the car that will be used to pull it as a small car with a 1300 engine may not be able to pull a caravan that houses eight people.

Caravans are usually made with similar dimensions, but they are different weights and this should be considered when pulling a caravan. The exterior of the caravan is less important than the interior as some caravans have basic components such as beds and bar fridges while other caravans have freezers, tables and storage space. While most caravans have standard features, other are fancier in their interior and once the caravan is owned, it can be made to look like your living room. Decorate the caravan to look like a home as holidays are spent there instead of at home.

Buying a caravan is also dependent on the needs to the travellers and the type of people on board. Old people may struggle to get into bunk beds while bigger people may not fit into any beds. Money can also be an issue for some people, but there are some great second hand caravans that have been refurbished. People sell caravans because they are not used as often as they thought or the owners may not be able to afford all those planned holidays.

Before buying a caravan, make sure that you have the finances to be able to purchase the vehicle and afford the holidays as it may work out cheaper than staying in the hotel, but it could still be expensive with the monthly instalments even when you are not on holiday. Research different websites and obtain a few quotes for caravans before making a final decision to buy. There are special deals on some sites and this could save money in the long run, but be sure to check the availability of spare parts and fuel or diesel usage. Question the advantages of each type of caravan and the pitfalls and request a test drive.

The dealer should allow test drives to see how easily the caravan can turn corners and park. Shopping for a caravan then becomes like shopping for a home as you will need to feel comfortable in the caravan lounge, but also feel safe from external threats. Buying a caravan is like buying a house and a car in one shopping trip, but luckily it is much cheaper.

Facts About Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card

The J.P. Chase and Company provides tons of options to the people at large, thus enabling them to properly manage their money matters. The same can be said about the Chase credit cards, which come with very lucrative and beneficial offers. One of them is the Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card, which is truly beneficial for those who are frequent travelers.

The Various Aspects of the Credit Card

The introductory annual percentage rate of this card is 0 percent; this rate is applicable on balance transfers or new purchase for the first twelve months. Once the introductory period expires, the annual percentage rate increase to 14.24 percent. The variable annual percentage rates depend on the prime rate.

If you pay your balance full each month then you are sure to reap great benefits. If, however, you plan to carry balances, you will invite unnecessary finance charges (due to the ‘Two Cycles Average Daily Balance’ method used to calculate the finance charges).

The card charges no fees. You are not required to pay anything towards annual fee; there is nothing as participation fee, reload fee, application fee and/or inactive fee. The rewards for this card are in the form of miles.

The Credit Card Rewards

The Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card is very apt for those who are interested in travel reward credit cards. If you are a credit savvy and credit worthy consumer, then this card is worth your needs.

The reward program for this credit card is very interesting. You will have to pay $29 to be inducted into the rewards program. There is the chance of earning one mile for every single dollar spent on the purchases. You can also use your accumulated miles towards hotel charges, car rentals, cruises and many more. The reward program enables you to save for 250 airlines.

The various platinum services of this card incorporate auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, travel and emergency services and many more. You can also make transactions with your account from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

The other services of the platinum card include emergency card replacement, emergency cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting and many more. The cardholders also get purchase protection and they will not be liable for unauthorized card transactions.

Therefore, if you love to travel, then you should start using the Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card, which will enable you to save miles for your next vacation. Before you do so, go through the card limitations and restrictions.